Australian Man Waives Process for Extradition Hearing

The Australian man accused of strapping a fake bomb around the neck of an 18 year-old woman is waiving the extradition process in hopes of getting back to his home country sooner. Paul Douglas Peters entered the courtroom in leg shackles and a thick black-and-white striped Oldham County jail jumpsuit. Kentucky District Court Judge Dave […]

Australian Suspect in Bombing Hoax Caught in Louisville Suburb

A 50-year-old Australian man was arrested yesterday in a Louisville suburb. Paul “Douglas” Peters has been accused by the Australian government of breaking and entering a home near Sydney, Australia and hanging a fake bomb around the neck of a young woman on Aug. 3. Yesterday, an FBI SWAT team raided Peter’s ex-wife’s home in […]

Australian Man Arrested Outside Louisville in Connection With Sydney Bombing Hoax

A man suspected of a bombing hoax in Australia was arrested Monday outside of Louisville. Sydney police allege that Paul “Doug” Peters broke into a teenage girl’s home on August 3rd and strapped what ended up being a fake bomb around her neck along with what may have been a ransom note. He left Australia […]