Ark Park Land Purchase Complete, Groundbreaking Not Scheduled

by Stu Johnson, Kentucky Public Radio Plans for a replica of Noah’s Ark in northern Kentucky are moving forward, but the pace of the project has slowed. This week, officials with Ark Encounter closed on the last and largest piece of property needed for the biblically-themed amusement park. The development has been promised $40 million in […]

Town Promises 75 Percent Property Tax Break for Ark Encounter Park

Williamstown, Kentucky has agreed to give the Ark Encounter theme park a 75 percent property tax discount for 30 years. The park will present a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis and feature a replica of Noah’s Ark that will contain dinosaurs. The mayor of Williamstown says even with the tax breaks, the park […]

Thayer Proud of Ark Encounter

After being criticized in a New York Times editorial for crossing the church-state divide, the controversial Ark Encounter has a supporter in state Sen. Damon Thayer, R-Georgetown, who is proud the park is being built in his district. The creationist theme park has been a divisive initiative championed by Governor Steve Beshear, who says it […]

NYT Editorial Criticizes Ark Park

The New York Times has weighed in on the debate over the Ark Encounter theme park planned for northern Kentucky. In discussing the tourism-based tax breaks the Genesis-themed creationist theme park will receive, the editors write: Under current Supreme Court doctrine, Kentucky’s support of the proselytizing theme park seems likely to withstand a possible church-state legal […]

Tourism Authority Approves Tax Incentives for Noah’s Ark-Themed Amusement Park

A Kentucky state agency has approved more than $40 million in tax incentives for a planned Noah’s Ark-themed amusement park in northern Kentucky. The Tourism Development Finance Authority unanimously approved the incentives today for the Ark Encounter park. The tax incentives were a major part of the financing plan for the $172 million project. The […]

AG’s Office Rules That Tourism Officials Cannot Withhold Ark Encounter Studies

State Representative Darryl Owens of Louisville had sought economic impact studies for a northern Kentucky park that would present a literal interpretation of the biblical flood story. The park has received preliminary approval for up to $37 million in tax incentives. Owens’s open records request for the economic studies was denied, because tourism officials said the documents were proprietary.