Adventures in Paleontology

STATE OF AFFAIRS 01/06/10: You probably know author Homer Hickam for the book Rocket Boys, the basis for the film October Sky. That story was about boyhood aspirations to become a rocket scientist, but Hickam is also drawn to things here on earth – specifically, below the earth. He’s a dinosaur hunter. He’ll join us Thursday, along with renowned paleontologist Dr. Jack Horner, whose discovery of the Maiasaura provided the first clear evidence that some dinosaurs cared for their young. He’ll be speaking at the University of Kentucky this February. Join us with your paleontology questions!  Listen to the Show

Preserving Kentucky's Archeological Sites

Kentucky has a rich and varied archaeological heritage, with archaeological sites located in every county of the Commonwealth. To date, archaeologists have recorded more than 23,000 prehistoric and historic sites – though less than 5% of the state has been surveyed. Monday we’ll learn more about research into Kentucky’s past and how, contrary to popular belief, Kentucky has been home to many thriving Native American cultures dating back 12,000+ years, and about what’s being done to preserve the sites. Listen to the Show