In Depth: Catholics Preparing For Liturgy Changes

Sunday marks the beginning of the season of Advent in the Roman Catholic Church—-the spiritual preparation for Christmas. But it will also mark a major milestone for millions of Catholics across the country, including the 200,000 members of the Archdiocese of Louisville. Sweeping changes to the church liturgy–the ritual prayers recited during Mass—go into effect.… Continue reading In Depth: Catholics Preparing For Liturgy Changes

Today on State of the News

Segment A: We’ll check in on the week’s metro news with WFPL’s news staff. Segment B: We’ll speak with reporters from the Courier-Journal. Peter Smith has written about Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress calling Mormonism a cult, Amish men in Mayfield being ordered to jail following their refusal to display orange reflective triangles on their buggies,… Continue reading Today on State of the News

Archbishop Discusses Hospital Merger

The concerns that the pending merger between University of Louisville Hospital, Jewish Hospital and Catholic Health Initiatives has put the future of certain services in question. Doctors in the merged University Hospital will have to follow Catholic directives, meaning many reproductive health services (contraception counseling, vasectomies, tubal ligations, emergency and elective abortions) will not be… Continue reading Archbishop Discusses Hospital Merger

Renovated Ursuline Arts Center Unveiling is Sunday

This weekend marks the opening in Louisville of a renovated theater built in 1924. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer has more. Sacred Heart Schools will unveil the Ursuline Arts Center to the public on Sunday afternoon with a blessing by Roman Catholic Archbishop Joseph Kurtz. While the center will be for the use of the four schools… Continue reading Renovated Ursuline Arts Center Unveiling is Sunday