Alley Theater

Surreal Play Introduces Kids to Magritte

by Erin Keane on May 29, 2012

Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte was known for his playful use of mystery–men in overcoats and bowler hats floating, an apple or a boulder suspended in mid-air. Sometimes silly, always evocative, he captured the imagination of art lovers of all ages.

Alley Theater for Young Audiences will finish a run of Barry Kornhauser’s “This Is Not a Pipe Dream,” a play that introduces the painter as a child chafing under his skeptical father’s rule, this weekend in the Speed Art Museum Auditorium.

Artistic director Dana Hope says Magritte has a unique appeal for younger audiences.

“It’s so out there. I think kids’ minds are open to that coolness,” says Hope. “I think when an adult looks at Magritte’s work you have to take a moment and think, what is this all about? But a child just accepts it.” [click to continue…]

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