EPA Chief Says New Air Standards Will Improve Health

The Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency faced the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works today to discuss the EPA’s  proposed air rules.  Lisa Jackson also talked about the new air standards’ impact on public health. In March, after a 20-year political and legal battle, the EPA proposed its first-ever national standards for regulating… Continue reading EPA Chief Says New Air Standards Will Improve Health

Kentuckians Urged: Drive Less This Summer

The arrival of summer in Louisville can also mean the arrival of air quality alert days. The culprits are vehicle emissions from burning motor fuel combined with hotter temperatures. And the result is often levels of ozone or soot that aren’t safe for people who are vulnerable to breathing problems. This year the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet wants to encourage motorists to drive less.

A Good Week for the Atmosphere

Well, mostly. We did have air quality alerts here on Thursday and today (Friday), caused essentially by too many cars on the roads and high temperatures.

But on Capitol Hill, administrators and legislators alike made progress on curbing the kinds of emissions that can lead to those alerts.