Conway Urges Pabst to Pull “Blast” Colt 45

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway is calling on Pabst Brewing Company to stop selling “Blast” by Colt 45, a new premium malt beverage with natural fruit flavors, saying its marketing plan targets minors. Joining 17 other attorneys general, Conway signed a letter to the Illinois-based beer company that expresses concern about the alcoholic content of… Continue reading Conway Urges Pabst to Pull “Blast” Colt 45

West Louisville Population Shrinks

Following a national trend, demographic trends in LouisvilleĀ  indicate that more African-Americans are leaving the urban core and moving to the suburbs. The city’s black population grew 18 percent over the past decade to 154,246, according to census figures analyzed by theĀ Courier-Journal. However, the growth was not in the historically black neighborhoods in the West… Continue reading West Louisville Population Shrinks