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Kentucky Opens Work Ready Certificate, Eight Counties Apply

Jefferson County is not among the eight Kentucky counties that recently applied for a new certificate used to attract businesses. Although Louisville is a major business hub, it may not meet the benchmarks set by the Work Ready Communities program.

The ACT, often referred to as a college entrance exam, has begun offering the work ready certificate, which signals to potential businesses that the county’s students meet certain work-ready benchmarks.

“It’s something they should be proud of. It’s something that is going to help us when we are recruiting business to the area to show what our skill levels are in certain areas and I think it’s going to be a great marketing tool for every county that receives a certification,” said Crystal Gibson, chair of Kentucky’s Workforce Investment Board (KWIB).

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JCPS Mails Students’ Tests to Wrong Addresses

After Jefferson County Public Schools mailed around 6,500 ACT Explore 8th grade test scores to wrong addresses, the district is now asking parents to shred tests they’ve received that contain another child’s score.

JCPS officials recognized the error on Wednesday after parents called, wondering why they were mailed scores for children who weren’t theirs.

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Greater Clark County Schools ACT Test Results

Last week, WFPL reported last year’s preliminary ACT scores were released for Greater Clark County Schools.

Around 29 percent of Indiana students were tested and overall they scored above the national average. But Greater Clark County School students didn’t meet the same mark.

Although some schools increased student achievement by 32 percent and all elementary schools met the federal guidelines for adequate yearly progress, the district still has a lot of work to do, said Superintendent Stephen Daeschner.

This year all students beginning in 7th grade will take some version of the ACT. The tests are being funded by the Greater Clark County School Educational Foundation. The estimated cost is around $33 per exam.

Click here to see the 2010-2011 Greater Clark County School ACT results.

(Numbers in parentheses indicate the score needed to be at benchmark. Numbers indicate the percentage of students in that range.)

Below is a graph on the percentage of students at or above for each exam in 2010-11.

Explore given to grade 8, PLAN given to grade 9, ACT practice given to grade 11

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Kentucky Not Meeting ACT Benchmarks, Indiana is Above Average

Kentucky’s 2010 ACT results were released on Wednesday. While student performance in the state rose overall, only 14 percent of public school students tested meet all four ACT benchmarks.

Starting this school year, ACT test results will be used in the state’s performance accountability. Kentucky’s 2010 test results report the state is behind the national average for graduating seniors. But the report might not be entirely accurate.

Some of the overall low results can be attributed to combining the scores of juniors and seniors, said Lisa Gross with the Kentucky Department of Education. In Kentucky all juniors are required to take the ACT and most take it again as seniors, she said. But even if they don’t, their results could be included in the average for the graduating class. The ACT will include the last test taken, said Gross

“You’re talking about a pool that’s vary varied. You have graduating seniors in that pool but you also have kids who were juniors the last time they took the test and they haven’t taken it again,” she said.

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KY Junior Class ACT Scores Released

Kentucky Education Department officials have released the results of ACT exams administered to high school juniors in the spring.

Spokesperson Lisa Gross says this was the first time that a Kentucky junior class took the college-prep test.

“In 2006, the Kentucky General Assembly amended a state statute that requires all public school juniors to participate in ACT testing, so the first time that this actually happened was in the spring of 2008. The scores that we’re seeing today are the first scores from this particular population of kids,” Gross said.

Statewide, the composite score was 18.3, out of a possible 36.

Jefferson County students had a composite score of 18.

Gross says the results will be most helpful to individual schools, which can use them to determine if improvements are needed in English, math, reading and science instruction.

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Incoming U of L Class Larger, with Better ACT Scores

This year’s incoming freshman class at the University of Louisville looks quite a bit different from previous years’ classes.  First, it’s the largest freshman class in the university’s history.  Second, the students have the highest average ACT score—just above 24-of any freshman class.    The state average is about 21.    And admissions director Jenny Sawyer says they come from more places this year.

“We have students in the freshman class this year I believe from 36 states. And then we have students in the freshman class I believe from close to every single county in the state.  And that’s very different than it used to be,” says Sawyer.

Sawyer says the university has raised its admission standards three times over the past several years.  And next year’s application deadline will be two weeks earlier to encourage students to plan ahead and commit to the university earlier.

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Kentucky ACT Scores Increase, National Average Slips

Kentucky’s ACT scores are steadily on the rise and more students are taking the college-prep test than ever before.

College-bound seniors in Kentucky scored two-tenths of a point higher on average compared to the same population a year ago. Department of Education spokesperson Lisa Gross says it’s a significant increase for a state with more and more students taking the test.

“We made progress while overall in the nation, scores went backwards, so this is good news,” says Gross. “Kentucky isn’t where we want to be, we’d like to be at or above the national average of course, but we’re moving in the right direction.”

That national average is 21.1, down one-tenth of a point from last year. Kentucky’s average this year is 20.9.