“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Roosevelt spoke these famous words to inspire Americans during the Depression. But he also captured the current struggle of the 5 million Americans with agoraphobia—the fear of panicking in public places. Today we learn more about the causes and treatments of agoraphobia, and what to do if you think you or a loved one may be affected.


It was the top news story last summer: a man with a dangerous form of tuberculosis boarded several planes and took flights that crossed international boundaries, despite what the CDC says was a warning from his doctors. This event brought the dangers of tuberculosis back into the forefronts of the world’s minds. In this show, we examine just how prevalent TB still is, and how much of a threat it poses locally and nationally.

Blueprint for Kentucky's Children

Friday, February 29, 2008 Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children In 2006, 20 percent of Kentucky’s children were living in poverty. More than 90,000 had no health insurance, and there were 15,000 cases of substantiated child abuse. These numbers and many other barometers of child welfare in the commonwealth are compiled by the Kentucky Youth Advocates. Together… Continue reading Blueprint for Kentucky's Children

The History of African-American Religions

Thursday, February 28, 2008 The History of African-American Religions Chained in the slave ships of the Middle Passage were Christians, Animists, Muslims and Magicians. At auction, families said goodbyes in Mende, Wolof and Bantu. In the fields, priests, peasants and princes labored together under the whip. Princeton Professor Dr. Albert J. Raboteau is a leader… Continue reading The History of African-American Religions

Bipolar Disorder

Sadness, impulsiveness, lethargy, racing thoughts, fatigue, grandiose thinking, self criticism, exhilaration, fatigue. These apparent opposites are actually all symptoms of the same mental health problem: Bipolar Disorder.

Kentucky Agriculture's Strategic Plan

In order to help Kentucky’s agriculture economy grow and prosper, the Task Force on the Future of Agriculture was formed to develop a comprehensive plan for the state. This episode takes a look at the New Strategic Plan for Kentucky Agriculture.

Books into Movies

The process of adapting a book (or short story) for the big screen is a tricky one. Decisions have to be made as to what to keep, what to leave out and what to change. In the end, it seems impossible to please everyone. But some adaptations do work, some are disastrous and some stand on their own separate from the books.

Summer Reading List 2007

Guests Kelly Estep, Robert Gieszl, Randy Smith, and Deanna Tinsley discuss their summer reading recommendations; listeners call with their own picks.