State of the News 01/06/12

Our first State of the News in the new year began with the breaking news of the revised hospital merger with CHI and now just Jewish Hospital and St. Mary’s, no longer involving University of Louisville Hospital; Devin Katayama had the details.  Devin and Phillip Bailey had the latest on the status of the Occupy […]

Modified Hospital Merger Announced, Ron Paul in New Hampshire, Kentucky General Assembly’s First Week, DC’s “Blelvis”: Today on State of the News

Segment A: We’ll check in with WFPL staff on the news of the week, including the death of Gatewood Galbraith, and today’s breaking news on the merger of Jewish Hospital with Catholic Health Initiatives. Segment B: The Courier-Journal’s James Carroll is in New Hampshire with the Ron Paul campaign. We’ll check in with him. Then […]

Youth Incarceration for Status Offenses: State of the News

Friday on State of the News, we spent some time with Courier-Journal writer Deborah Yetter, who authored or co-authored a series of recent reports on youth incarceration in Kentucky. Kentucky has one of the highest rates of youth incarceration in the country for status offenses (truancy and other noncriminal charges).  It’s an expensive practice that […]

State of the News 12/16/11

We started our weekly news round up today with a just-unfolding story about the MSD audit and Mayor Greg Fischer’s announcement regarding changes to MSD leadership and board of directors.  Erica Peterson had just returned from the press conference and had details, and Phillip Bailey had additional observations.  Rick Howlett and Devin Katayama reviewed the […]

Today on State of the News

Gabe Bullard hosts our weekly news round up today, and here’s a quick look at some of the topics. 1:06pm:  Metro news stories including the MSD shake up, hospital merger documents, the release of child welfare documents, Archbishop Kelly’s passing, and questions about one of Mayor Fischer’s advisors, among others. 1:30pm:  Kentucky has one of […]