Remembering Steve Jobs, Conversation with David Williams: Specials Tonight on WFPL

Here’s our plan for this evening: At 7pm, we’ll air a NPR News Special about the life and career of Steve Jobs. NPR’s David Greene will host the look back at the life and legacy of the industry titan. Here’s the official NPR obit, which aired during Morning Edition. Tonight at 8pm, We’ll repeat our […]

Marketplace Special Tonight at 7pm: The Breakdown of the US Economy

It’s been a turbulent month for the markets and economies around the world. Marketplace has covered the story daily, and tonight at 7pm, Kai Ryssdal hosts a Marketplace special examining where the U.S. economy is headed and how we got here. We’ll explore what’s behind the recent market swings. Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch will offer […]

7pm BBC News Special Includes New bin Laden Documentary

At this hour, we’re airing a special edition of World Briefing from the BBC. This program will include a new documentary about events leading up to yesterday’s action: “The Hunt for bin Laden.” This is the final hour of special coverage planned for today. But, as always, if events warrant, we’ll make adjustments to cover […]

Special Coverage Today: 12:30pm Update

Here are out coverage plans for this afternoon: 1-2pm: BBC World Have Your Say – with perspectives on the death of Osama bin Laden from newsmakers and ordinary citizens around the world. 2-3pm: NPR News Special Coverage – NPR’s Neal Conan hosts an hour of coverage from Washington, DC 3-4pm: BBC Newshour – a special […]