HomeGrown 01/03/10 – Garden Gingers & Home Outside

So what do gingers and better garden design have in common? It’s easy, both are the subjects on HomeGrown this week, and besides, who’s to say you shouldn’t use ginger in a well-designed garden? Florida nursery owner and ginger expert Dave Skinner explains the appeal of tropical and hardy gingers, and author Julie Moir Messervy has six steps for better landscape design as outlined in her book, “Home Outside: Creating the Landscape You Love.” Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 12/27/09 – The Arum & Bugdacious Insects

This week on HomeGrown, Tony Avent of Plant Delights Nursery in North Carolina has cultural tips on the perfect winter plant – the lovely-leafed arum. Later, we hear from Jeneen’s favorite entymologist, Purdue University’s Tom Turpin. He shares some inside information on interesting and fun insect habits, as compiled in his new book, “Flies in the Face of Fashion: Mites Make Right and Other Bugdacious Stories.”
Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 12/20/09 – Heifer International & Plants That Give and Give

HomeGrown takes the holiday spirit in stride this week with stories on an international program heifer_intl_stockto help the hungry – and plants in your garden that keep on giving. Ray White of Heifer International explains their worldwide program that helps feed people one plant, goat, or cow at a time. Garden writer Marie Iannotti has tips on some very generous annuals, perennials and grasses that will happily spread and fill out a garden. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 12/13/09 – Winter Landscape & Brush Cat

HomeGrown heads for the woods this week – with a brief stop to enjoy the scenery along the way. Bob and Jeneen visit with Jack McEnany, the author of “Brush Cat: On Trees, the Wood Economy, and the Most Dangerous Job in America,” a book with a lot of surprising detail about the New England logging industry. And Vinnie Simeone, author of “Wonders of the Winter Landscape,” talks about great plants for fall and winter interest, and taking the time to notice it all. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 12/06/09 – Trees at Home & Improved Pear Cultivars

Picking the best pear tree – and how shade and ornamental trees can add value to your yard and cut your utility bill – are the timely topics on HomeGrown this week. USDA expert Dr. Richard Bell has all the information of the best pear trees for the home garden or small orchard. Tennessee extension specialist Carol Reese talks about the nuances of choosing and siting trees when it comes to home improvement and quality of life. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 11/29/09 – Plant Extinction & Black-Footed Ferrets

Animal and plant extinctions raise their ugly heads on HomeGrown this week. The Louisville Zoo’s Guy Graves talks about his almost 19 years in a national program working to save the black-footed ferret. Dr. Brad Cardinali of the University of California Santa Barbara explains the potentially disastrous effect of the loss of a seemingly-unimportant plant species on all the other life around it. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 11/22/09 – Perfect Pumpkins & America’s Great Gardens

HomeGrown this week mixes tasty Thanksgiving pumpkin recipes with 25 great American gardens in a seasonal tribute to all that is worth celebrating in this country. Tennessee gardener and author Gail Damerow offers up the special pumpkin recipes that will go down well this weekend, along with some pumpkin growing tips. British garden writer Tim Richardson talks about his 25 favorite American gardens, their histories, and what makes them so great. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 11/15/09 – Extending Fall Color & Clos du Gravillas Winery

Nothing says ‘November’ like a good glass of wine and lingering fall colors, and HomeGrown offers up a bouquet of each this week. Louisville-native-turned-French-winemaker John Bojanowski talks about Clos du Gravillas, the winery he and his wife created in the south of France – with its wines now available in Louisville. And Uli Lorimer of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden has great tips to keep native plant fall color in your yard longer than you might think possible. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 11/08/09 – Project Sprout & Louisville Botanical Garden

HomeGrown this week looks ahead to the future of gardening in Louisville – and possibly across the world. In Louisville, Botanica’s Judith Hunt talks about plans for the city’s first botanical garden and conservatory along River Road. And high school junior Sam Levin, who helped start a food garden at his Monument Mountain High School in Massachusetts, explains how the concept has now spread to other schools in the area – and might eventually spread around the world. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 11/01/09 – Floyds Fork Naturalist & the American Chestnut

HomeGrown takes a good look at the future of Kentucky’s parks and woodlands this week in interviews with a naturalist who’s helping develop land for a park along Louisville’s Floyds Fork, and an author who wrote of the rise and fall of the American chestnut tree. Naturalist Michael Gaige does the honors on the Floyds Fork project, and author Susan Frienkel talks of her book “The American Chestnut: The Life, Death and Rebirth of a Perfect Tree.” Downloadable MP3