HomeGrown 03/14/10 – Theodore Klein Plant Awards & Peruvian Agriculture

HomeGrown covers about 800 years of horticulture history this week with a look at Peruvian farming practices of 1200-1500 AD, and the 2010 Theodore Klein Plant Awards. Peruvian agroecologist Stef De Hann offers a fascinating look at Inca farmers from 1200 to today, including attempts to market their old crops in new ways. University of Kentucky extension horticulturist Win Dunwell names the five plants selected to honor nurseryman-legend Theodore Klein in 2010, and explains why they deserve to be in your garden. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 03/07/10 – International Potato Center & New Urban Farmers

HomeGrown this week offers some old-fashioned gardening expertise from Peru – and Louisville. Bob Hill returns from his Peruvian vacation to interview Pamela K. Anderson, director of the International Potato Center, on the history and Inca culture connected with that plant. Closer to home, Stephen Bartlett of Sustainable Agriculture Louisville explains a new program designed to help local would-be farmers grow crops and raise animals right here in the city. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 02/28/10 – Welcome Home Plantings & Roundstone Native Seed

How to grow native grasses – and creating the perfect “Welcome Home” effect for your front door – are the horticultural kindred spirits on HomeGrown this week. Randy Seymour of Roundstone Native Seeds in Upton, Kentucky, has the warm-season grass seeds and plugs to create a large or small prairie, and Seattle-based writer and landscaper Andrew Schulman has practical tips on plantings for your mailbox, gate, garage and porch to give your home a distinct and inviting appearance. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 02/21/10 – Wisconsin Cheese & Park Seed Company

Cheese and seed are the boutique-sounding subjects on HomeGrown this week. Madison, Wisconsin, cheese store owner Ken Monteleone has the inside information on the tasty artisan cheese operations of the midwest, and Claire Kuhl of Park Seed tells all about the catalogs and history of this venerable company that has helped keep American gardens in bloom for 140 years. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 02/14/10 – Of Presidents, Love, Flowers and History

HomeGrown goes Valentine’s Day historic this week with a visit to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois, and a conversation with Larry Griffith, curator of plants at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. Tour guide Barbara Archer leads a trip through the Lincoln museum, talking about what Abe might have had for dinner. Griffith details the plants most likely to be found – and eaten – in Colonial Virginia, as well as those that signified love. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 02/07/10 – Bad Habits & Wicked Plants

In gardening, as in life, something wicked this way often comes – and it’s up to HomeGrown this week to tell you what you can do about it. The wicked will be supplied by author Amy Stewart, whose book “Wicked Plants” lists hundreds of plants either deadly, annoying, nasty, or ultra-invasive. The antidote is provided by Purdue University’s Rosie Lerner, who offers a list of good garden practices and tips to make your plants behave. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 01/31/10 – Cultural Landscapes & Dupont Homes and Gardens

HomeGrown dips into history this week with a discussion on preserving our historical and cultural landscapes – and the preservation of some of the nation’s great estate homes and gardens. Charles Birnbaum of the Cultural Landscape Foundation discusses the importance of preserving community properties, such as Louisville’s Olmsted Parks. Maggie Lidz, author of “The Duponts: Houses and Gardens in the Brandywine 1900-1951,” talks about these great legacies in Delaware and Pennsylvania. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 01/24/10 – Cheryl Long & David Sibley

HomeGrown this week goes to Mother for some planting advice – and to a renowned bird expert for some help identifying trees. Cheryl Long, editor of Mother Earth News, talks about a survey listing the best vegetable crops to plant in our area, and the money you can save by doing so; one woman raised nearly $750 worth of vegetables in a 100-square-foot garden. Birding expert David Sibley talks about how he turned his observational and painting skills to his new book on identifying trees – and his special approach to the task. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 01/17/10 – Seeing Every Bird & Louisville Green Wall

HomeGrown looks up and out this week with stories of a Louisville landscaper creating a green wall in downtown Louisville – and a man who wrote of his father’s obsession with bird watching. [Tracey Williams (photo: M. Hayman)]

Designer Tracey Williams discusses the almost 500-square-foot vertical wall of 800 perennial plants she created at the “Green Building” on East Market Street in Louisville.

California author Dan Koeppel talks about life with – and without – his father as he traveled the world personally identifying over 7,000 species of birds. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 01/10/10 – Great New Plants & Adventures in China

HomeGrown this week takes a trip to China – and checks out the best new plants for American gardens. Bob and Jeneen visit with Matt Zehnder of Finchville, Kentucky, who is developing massive garden projects with collaborators in China; and with Sally Benson, editorial director of American Nurseryman magazine, who talks about some of the almost 200 plants selected by the magazine as the Best New Plants of 2010. Downloadable MP3