HomeGrown 05/23/10 – Jon Carloftis & World Turtle Day

HomeGrown takes it slow and downhome this week with a close-up look at turtles – and an interview with a Kentucky landscape architect and author who found success in New York, but hasn’t forgotten his roots. The Louisville Zoo’s Bill McMahan has the hard facts on turtles, and landscaper and author Jon Carloftis talks about his new book highlighting the 20 best gardens in Kentucky. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 05/16/10 – Growing Older & Backyard Fruit

Learning to garden more wisely with age – and maybe trying to grow some fruit trees in the backyard along the way – are the subjects of HomeGrown this week. Bob and Jeneen talk with Connecticut gardener Sydney Eddison, author of Gardening for a Lifetime: How to Garden Wiser as You Grow Older, and Gary Gao of the Ohio State Extension Service who co-wrote “The Midwest Fruit Production Guide.” Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 05/09/10 – Lichens & Plant Problem Troubleshooting

HomeGrown turns CSI Horticulture Louisville this week. Bob and Jeneen interview two Ohio State University extension specialists about the wonder and worry associated with lichens. Also interviewed is David Deardorff, co-author of “What’s Wrong With my Plant (And How Do I Fix It)?” who talks about their bold new approach to identifying and solving pesky plant problems. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 05/02/10 – Olmsted Parks Restoration & Heuser Hearing Garden

HomeGrown keeps it local this week with a visit to the Heuser Hearing & Language Academy in downtown Louisville where the young students have created a special garden they plant, water and weed as part of their education. Bob and Jeneen also interview Major Waltman and Mimi Zinniel of Louisville’s Olmsted Parks Conservancy about invasive plant eradication, woodlands restoration efforts – and the capital campaign that makes it all possible. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 04/18/10 – The Tulip Poplar & Allan Armitage on Vines and Climbers

Have you ever wondered why the tulip polar is the state tree of Kentucky and Indiana, or what would be the best vine to grow in the shadow of such a tree? Well HomeGrown answers both questions this week with interviews with the University of Kentucky’s Deborah Hill, who knows a lot about tulip poplars and agroforestry, and Georgia plantsman Allan Armitage, author of “Armitage’s Vines and Climbers” from Timber Press. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 04/11/10 – Unusual Form Trees & Tree Root Function

HomeGrown gets to the bottom of two big gardening questions this week with interviews about weeping and contorted trees – and what makes a tree root healthy and happy. Brian Upchurch of Highland Creek Nursery in North Carolina knows all about those distinctive contorted, pendulous and weeping plants, and Florida plant expert Ed Gilman explains what makes a tree root work – or not work – and why. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 04/04/10 – Pyramid Hill & The New Kitchen Garden

Sculpture on 265 acres — or a well-designed food garden for your kitchen — are the themes of HomeGrown this week. The sculpture comes from Pyramid Hill, a site and underground home created by Harry Wilks just outside Cincinnati. The artful kitchen garden – or potager – theme is provided by Jennifer Bartley, author of “Designing The New Kitchen Garden,” combining art and function. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 03/21/10 – All-America Selections & Emerald Ash Borer

HomeGrown this week has lots to offer in the way of new All-America flower and vegetable selections – and some hopeful news on protecting your ash tree from the emerald ash borer. Diane Blazek of the All-America Selections has about 10 new top-rated annuals, perennials, fruits and vegetables to sample in your garden. Purdue University’s Jodie Ellis reminds us the emerald ash borer is here and always fatal without treatment – but there are new treatments for homeowners, and now is the time to act. Downloadable MP3