HomeGrown 08/01/10 – A Trip to Two Indiana Farms

HomeGrown keeps it local this week with a visit to a pair of Indiana family farms dealing in food, wine, ornamental grasses and flowers. Bob and Jeneen drop in on Stream Cliff Farm near Commiskey, Indiana, a fifth-generation family farm featuring wine, homegrown food, gardens, flowers, old buildings and nostalgia. Then it’s a stop at Memory View Greenhouse south of Scottsburg, which offers almost 50 cultivars of ornamental grasses along with many perennials, all of it set on another historic family location. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 07/25/10 – Capstone Produce & Monarch Watch

HomeGrown this week takes a good look at a Kentucky auction service selling local farm food in large volumes – and visits with the creators of a national program to serve and protect monarch butterflies. David Neville, owner of Capstone Produce, explains how Kentucky farmers can sell food in large lots to the highest bidder. Bob and Jeneen also visit with a Valparaiso, Indiana parks superintendent who created a two-acre butterfly “way station” in the heart of the city, and take a look at the University of Kansas program that has spawned almost 4,000 such gardens across North America to assist in the monarch migration. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 07/18/10 – Composting Basics & Frederik Meijer Gardens

Fine art, great plants and better compost form the unusual trinity of subjects this week on HomeGrown. The art and plants segment is courtesy of Steve LaWarre, director of horticulture at the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The better compost information comes from Chris McLaughlin, San Francisco author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Composting.” Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 07/11/10 – Roadside Weeds of Kentuckiana & Gulf Coast Plants

The “at-risk” plants along the Gulf Coast – and the possibly loveable weeds along Kentucky and Indiana roads – are the stories on HomeGrown this week. University of Kentucky graduate Nancy Gift, author of “A Weed by Any Other Name,” is a defender of some weeds in the yard, and she helps identify the more attractive weeds along our roadsides. Owensboro native Carrie Knott talks about her work in coastal plant breeding along the Louisiana coast, and the possible effects of the gulf oil spill on the coastal plant ecosystems. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 07/04/10 – Summer Garden Diseases & Fern Fest

HomeGrown displays both fear and favor this holiday weekend with a show on the diseases most likely to invade your garden this summer – and the ferns you might grow to repel the invaders. The University of Kentucky’s John Hartman tells all about the various bacteria, fungi, and viruses causing problems this year with vegetables, fruits, ornamental shrubs and trees. Then fern expert Judith Jones has a long list of ideas to keep your shady areas filled with lush, fancy fronds. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 06/27/10 – Gardening With Lavender & White Nose Syndrome

HomeGrown goes even more colorfully eclectic this week with looks at how to best grow the perennial plant lavender – and the white nose syndrome that’s been killing the country’s bats. Oregon nursery owner Andy Van Hevelingen has the story on lavender, and Mike Armstrong of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service explains all about white nose syndrome and what’s being done to understand and eradicate it. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 06/20/10 – Plan Bee

The incredibly complex and interesting life of the bee – and the plants you can grow to keep them around your yard – are the reasons for being sure to catch HomeGrown this week. Bob and Jeneen talk with beekeeper and author Susan Brackney about her book “Plan Bee: Everything You Wanted to Know About the Hardest Working Creatures on the Planet,” and garden expert Charlie Nardozzi, who has tips on the best flowers, trees, and shrubs to attract and protect those busy bees. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 06/13/10 – Dwarf Hibiscus & Insectopedia

The towering relationship between humans and insects – and the best dwarf hibiscus to grow in your garden – are the long and short of HomeGrown this week. Author Hugh Raffles talks about “Insectopedia,” a book that combines modern human culture and thought and the ancient stories of insects. Nursery owner Gretchen Zwetzig explains the growth in popularity of dwarf hibiscus – and the groundbreaking propagation work on it by the three Fleming brothers in Nebraska. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 06/06/10 – Baptisia & Big Bone Lick State Park

HomeGrown pushes the chronological ecological clock as far as it can be pushed this week with stories on the 2010 Perennial Plant of the Year and a look way back at Kentucky’s Big Bone Lick State Park, once home to mastodons and other ancient creatures. Dr. Steven Still of the Perennial Plant Association has the 2010 winner – the baptisia – and Stan Hedeen, author of a book on Big Bone Lick, fills us all in on what was once considered North America’s greatest paleontological treasure, capturing the attention of George Washington, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 05/30/10 – Entomology Solutions & Louisville Green Roof

HomeGrown goes green and takes it to the roof this week with an interview with a Louisville woman who deals in beneficial bugs, and a visit to a green roof in downtown Louisville. Blair Leano-Helvey, owner of Entomology Solutions, explains the value of beneficial bugs in your garden. Mark Wourms, director of the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, and Nina Lampton, CEO of American Life & Accident Insurance Company, talk about the green roof they installed at American Life in downtown Louisville. Downloadable MP3