Ice Storm Photos from Jeneen Wiche & Bob Hill

Jeneen and Bob brought in some photos to share from the recent ice storm.  While some pictures depict damaged or destroyed trees, the majority are striking images that demonstrate the beauty of nature, even when it is being cruel. Bob reports damage to the following:  lacebark elm, roundleaf sweetgum, serviceberry, sawtooth oak, and arborvitae.  His… Continue reading Ice Storm Photos from Jeneen Wiche & Bob Hill

2008 Tomato Trial Results from Jeneen Wiche

For several years now I’ve grown only heirloom varieties of tomatoes and it’s time to share my impressions of this year’s selections. I’ll start with my favorites: ‘Arkansas Traveler’ and ‘Momotaro’. Both had high yield, great taste, beautiful shape and storability. Amazingly long storability, in fact, just sitting piled high on a plate in the kitchen.

Jeneen Wiche's Eggstravaganza

Jeneen Wiche of WFPL’s HomeGrown recently realized a personal dream when she acquired a small flock of egg laying hens. Free-range or so-called “backyard” chickens are growing in popularity nationally as supermarket egg prices continue to rise and as people become aware of the nutritional inferiority of eggs produced by hens confined to the indoors… Continue reading Jeneen Wiche's Eggstravaganza

'Doomsday' Seed Bank Opens In The Arctic

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault opened earlier this week. The vault, located in Norway and funded by the Norwegian government, is the world’s insurance policy on a host of threats that could destroy important crops, from global warming and war, to natural disasters like drought, flood and wildfire. The media have nicknamed it the “doomsday… Continue reading 'Doomsday' Seed Bank Opens In The Arctic