Yates’s Landmark Ordinance Tabled for More Public Input

The Louisville Metro Council Planning and Zoning committee has tabled an amendment to the landmarks ordinance proposed by Councilman David Yates, D-25, which would make significant changes to the city’s land development code. The current ordinance requires residents to gather at least 200 signatures to petition the Landmarks Commission for protected status for a building […]

Payroll Tax Battle Isn’t Over, Developmentally Disabled at New York State Group Homes, China’s Transition Of Power, Changes to Louisville’s Landmark Ordinance: Today on Here and Now

1:06pm: President Barack Obama is urging supporters to pressure Congress to extend the payroll tax cut before it expires at the end of the month. House Republican leaders said yesterday they were willing to extend the payroll tax cut, and have dropped their bid to offset the cost of the cuts by eliminating spending. We’ll […]

Obama’s Budget, GOP Primaries Continue, Greece Cleans Up Following Clashes: Today on Here and Now

1:06pm: President Barack Obama is sending Congress a new budget that seeks to achieve $4 trillion in deficit reduction over the next decade through cuts in government spending and higher taxes on the wealthy. At the same time, he wants to boost spending in key areas such as transportation and education. The spending blueprint is […]

Banks & Attorneys General Reach Foreclosure Agreement, What Happens to Stolen Bikes, Racial Tension in Louisville’s LGBTQ Community: Today on Here and Now

1:06pm: White House officials working with state attorneys general finalized today an agreement with five major banks over improper foreclosure practices. The five banks, Bank of America, Citigroup, J.P. Morgan Chase, and Wells Fargo, handle 27 million home loans, just over half of all outstanding mortgages. Officials say the deal will provide immediate relief to […]

GOP Candidates Move on to Nevada, U.S. Ag Secretary Wants Rural Job Creation, Who’s Giving to Super PACS?: Today on Here and Now

1:06pm: The GOP presidential candidates have left Florida, after Mitt Romney trounced Newt Gingrich 46 to 31 percent in that state’s primary. The candidates aren’t just leaving sunny skies and palm trees behind; they also left some scorched earth. The race turned nasty, with Romney carpet bombing Gingrich with thousands of negative TV ads. Gingrich […]

New Manager to Enhance Bourbon Trail Experience

The Kentucky Distiller’s Association has appointed its first-ever Bourbon Trail Manager to improve the experience of trail visitors.  The trail includes six distilleries and has seen a surge in popularity over the last decade, coinciding with a national increase in the production—and consumption—of bourbon. To adapt, the trail has introduced new ways to connect visitors […]

Florida’s Primary, California’s Meth Problem, Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail: Today on Here and Now

1:06pm: The polls are open in Florida for a primary that Mitt Romney hopes will give him a stronger hand in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Romney is heavily favored in Florida, and it’s a pivotal contest, in a month of high-stakes elections. 1:12pm: Meth is a serious problem here in Kentucky. It’s […]

Looking Ahead at Florida’s Primary, Pawnshops Gain Popularity, School Board Member Says Standardized Tests Need Revision: Today on Here and Now

1:06pm: Mitt Romney is sounding upbeat today, saying he has overcome his setback in South Carolina and that he’s now ‘pushing back’ against Newt Gingrich more effectively. Gingrich is making a big deal out of the amount of money Romney has spent on ads in Florida, but says the ads won’t work. We’ll talk about […]

Kentucky Colonels Basketball, 1967-1976

From 1967 to 1976, Louisville was the home of the Kentucky Colonels professional basketball team.  The team’s trainer for most of those years was Lloyd “Pink” Gardner, and Gardner, along with Gary P. West, has co-written a book about his experiences.  It’s called “Kentucky Colonels of the American Basketball Association.” He spoke recently with WFPL’s […]