Rally for Safer Chemical Legislation Planned for Tomorrow

Residents and community activists are planning an event tomorrow in west Louisville to raise awareness about toxic chemicals. It’s not an accident that the rally is planned on the edge of Rubbertown—where many of the city’s chemical plants are located. Jason Howard of the Kentucky Environmental Foundation says the point of the rally is to […]

Kentucky Court Allows Environmental Groups to Intervene in Pollution Case

The Kentucky Supreme Court has ruled environmental groups and citizens may intervene in a lawsuit against a coal mining company. The Supreme Court’s ruling upholds Franklin Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd’s decision to let environmental groups intervene in the case. The groups—which include Appalachian Voices and Kentuckians for the Commonwealth—wanted a voice in the case, because […]

Water Quality Report: Ten Percent of Taps Tested Show Elevated Lead Levels

The Louisville area’s tap water meets all federal standards, according to the annual water quality report released today by Louisville Water Company. But ten percent of the homes tested showed elevated levels of lead. These lead levels represent problems with the infrastructure–like lead pipes–and not problems with the city’s water source or treatment. And Louisville […]

NYT’s Mark Bittman on Wendell Berry, Land and Food

New York Times columnist Mark Bittman came to Kentucky last month for what he describes as a sort of reporting trip/pilgrimage to poet-farmer Wendell Berry’s Port Royal home. Berry has been in the national news this week after delivering the 41st Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities Monday in Washington, D.C. In the article, Bittman describes […]

LG&E Plans Dust Screen at Cane Run; Residents Skeptical

As complaints over coal ash near the Cane Run power plant continue, Louisville Gas and Electric has begun construction of a 50-foot tall dust screen which the company hopes will resolve neighborhood concerns about dust emissions. The screen will be 223 feet long—or about 2/3 the length of a football field—and will shield nearby houses […]

Annual Air Quality Report Shows Louisville’s Progress, But Pollution is Still a Problem

An annual report says Louisville’s air is better than it’s been in recent years. But the metro area’s air quality still ranks among the worst in the nation in two categories. The American Lung Association releases its “State of the Air” report every year, to rank the air quality of counties and metropolitan areas. The […]

Wendell Berry Stresses Relationship With the Land in National Lecture

Kentucky poet and farmer Wendell Berry used a national address this week to remind Americans of their connection to the land. As the country’s 41st Jefferson Lecturer in the Humanities, he spoke to an audience in D.C. about corporate greed and called on Americans to return to the land. Berry’s address “It All Turns on […]