Disappearing Amphibians: One More Reason

Frog and toad populations have been declining everywhere, partly because of habitat destruction, partly because of toxic chemicals like pesticides in the environment, and partly because of a fungus that’s still puzzling scientists. But here’s another factor: scientists in Hawaii have published a study in the journal Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry showing that ground level […]

Watching Eight Belles

The Kentucky High School Journalism Association invited several journalists from across the spectrum of media to be part of a panel discussion with students this week. I participated, thinking the questions would range from “Should I major in broadcasting in college?” to “How did you get started in journalism?” Boy, was I wrong. We fielded […]

Pittsburgh Out-Pollutes L.A.

Our neighbors up river take the number one spot for the worst short-term particulate pollution in the nation. Particulates are those microscopic particles spewing into the air from burning fossil fuels. And the short-term measurement refers to an EPA rule about days when concentrations of particulates peak. The ranking comes from the American Lung Association, […]