Recyclers Losing Money, Closing Plants

The economy is squeezing just about every market sector, and recyclers are no exception. But they may be particularly vulnerable. Many recyclables are trading commodities, traded and priced on the Chicago Board of Exchange. Commodity prices have taken a huge hit, which means recyclers aren’t getting what they used to for a ton of white office paper or a bale of plastic.

Sniffing Out Carbon Dioxide from Space

NASA has launched a new satellite that will help identify, in unprecedented detail, where carbon dioxide is being emitted and where it’s being sucked up. The idea is to provide a clearer picture of what has happened, what is happening, and what might happen to all of the CO2 humans have produced since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in 1750.

The Fight For Five Percent

For a story on how local stations are handling the four month delay in the DTV transition, I interviewed area media critic Rick Redding. He said about five percent of Louisvillians aren’t ready for the transition, and he speculated that WLKY, WDRB, WHAS and WAVE are delaying their transition in part to keep their share of that 5%.

More Q&A from Twitter about the Digital Divide in the Workplace

After yesterday’s show on the digital divide in the workplace, we got several more questions and comments via Twitter (we’re @soatalk). Our guest Jason Falls, social media guru and co-founder of Social Media Club Louisville was nice enough to revisit the topic and share his thoughts. Thanks to Jason and to the Twitterers who sent their questions!