AP Study on Drugged Water Raises New Questions

The Associated Press has released an investigative report on the presence of pharmaceuticals in drinking water across the nation. The report cites several specific drugs – anti-anxiety, anti-epilepsy, and even sex hormones – in results from water tests at plants from California to New York.

TARC Spends Despite Shortfall

As reported on WFPL, TARC has just purchased eleven new vans for disabled passengers on their TARC 3 route. Each van cost over $30,000 and TARC made the purchase with federal funds.

Track More Legislation

I put a piece up on the Studio 619 blog that gives tips on tracking Kentucky legislation, but what if you want to see what’s happening on the national scene?

Climate Change in Your Garden

The USDA plans to release a revised “Plant Hardiness Map” any day now, based on more recent climate data. And project “Bud burst” is inviting observers nationwide to log and report when plants bud and blossom.

Whither Frogs?

I reported on the role of zoos in conservation last week, and while I was researching, I learned that zoos will play another important role in species conservation. They’re not as iconic, perhaps, as polar bears, but frogs may well take their place as ambassadors of extinction. And long-term residents of zoos.