Marketplace in Dubai

Marketplace: The Economic Future of the New Middle East
Dubai, UAE: March 10-14 2008

Kai Ryssdal broadcasts live from Dubai in one of the fastest growing regions in the world—the Gulf. Here we turn the page from the old Middle East to the new, looking at the economic future of the Gulf. In the next 15 years, the Gulf will reap the benefits of a $3 trillion dollar windfall from oil. But the question isn’t about oil; it’s about what they can do to diversify their economies.

Fertilize in Kentucky, Cause a Red Tide?

Let me tell you a story about nitrogen. A farmer in western Kentucky applies nitrogen-based fertilizer to his crops. It rains. The rain carries run-off from his fields into a little stream nearby. Hungry fungi and bacteria munch on the nitrogen. And they can do a pretty good job, normally, of filtering that nitrogen from the stream. And that’s important because too much nitrogen can wipe out oxygen and create dead zones where nothing can live or grow.