The David Statue Is Not Alone: More Famous Artwork, Remixed

Turkish artist Serkan Ozkaya’s “David (inspired by Michelangelo)” follows a time-honored tradition of artists copying and remixing famous works — and it’s not all pop-culture parodies of “The Last Supper.” Unlike a parody or a straight copy, a remix is in part about appropriation and introducing a significant conceptual contribution from the secondary artist into […]

National Book Award Winner Reads at 21C

Lexington poet Nikky Finney has been on the road, visiting 20 cities in three months. It’s her second tour for “Head Off & Split,” her fourth collection of poems that won the National Book Award last fall. Finney will read in Louisville tonight at 21C Museum Hotel. Throughout her tour, Finney says she’s heard from […]

Opera Expects to Move Off ‘Unfair’ List

The Louisville Orchestra and its players signed a labor agreement yesterday, ending the impasse that canceled the last orchestra season. Now the Kentucky Opera hopes the agreement between the orchestra and its musicians will mean it can be removed from the American Federation of Musicians’ “international unfair list.”

It’s Over: Orchestra and Musicians Reach Agreement

After 11 months of negotiations, the Louisville Orchestra musicians and board of directors have a signed employment contract. The two sides announced the agreement at a press conference at the Kentucky Center’s Whitney Hall today. The $5.3-million, one-year bridge agreement calls for a smaller orchestra with a shorter season. Fifteen musician spots will be eliminated, […]