State of the News

here’s sewage in the river, Wayside Christian Mission seems to have found a way around zoning issues for their new shelter/hotel on Broadway and it looks like our water rates are going up; all that and more for our first segment of the weekly State of the News.Listen to the Show

Pediatric Obesity

Kids are growing, and not just up. Childhood obesity is increasing, and we can point to problem areas like soda machines in schools, overeating, and sedentary activities like video games, but what are the solutions? Listen to the Show

Embracing Diversity within Islam

Muslims in America are a diverse group. There are those who while living here still keep themselves apart from America, mentally, those Muslims who want to be “of” America, not just living “in” America, and some who want to engage in the wider community and forge an American Muslim identity.
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Vampires: Still Undead and More Popular Than Ever

Since vampires first “came out of the coffin” in classic books like Dracula and films like Nosferatu, these blood suckers have only gotten sexier and more popular. The balding, rat-fanged predators who once feasted on human blood have given way to elegantly-dressed seducers and brooding high-schoolers with great skin & self-control. Listen to the Show