Humana Festival Among Top Priorities For New Actors Theatre Artistic Director

The festival is one of the most important events of the year in American theatre. Hundreds of theatre professionals from the U.S. and abroad come to see the plays that debut at Actors Theatre during the festival.

Actors Theatre Managing Director Jennifer Bielstein says Masterson’s work on the Humana Festival has led to numerous plays—and playwrights—getting additional opportunities.

Actors Theatre Plans To Hire Search Firm For New Artistic Director

Actors Theatre Managing Director Jennifer Bielstein says the board will soon hire a search firm to find a new artistic director who meets the right criteria.

“A skillset in new play production and development because that is our core strength and what attracts people to us nationally and from around the world. And someone who will be a good person at developing relationships and being a goodspokesperson for the arts and for Actors Theatre in this community,” she says.

Mining Protesters To Spend Night At Governor’s Office

Beshear didn’t offer to change his positions. The group decided to continue their protest in the governor’s office. They were prepared to be arrested at the end of the day on Friday.

Instead, the governor told them they can stay as long as they like. The group plans to stay through Monday when other environmental activists will gather in Frankfort for a rally called I Love Mountains Day.

Society Of Civil Engineers Gives Kentucky Roads And Bridges D Grade

The report states that the condition of Kentucky’s bridges has deteriorated because of a lack of funding. It estimates the cost of repairing or replacing the state’s structurally-deficient bridges at over a billion dollars.

Further, the report cites more than forty billion dollars worth of road projects on the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s work list that are in need of funding..