Shakespeare Behind Bars to Stage “Romeo and Juliet”

The Luther Luckett Correctional Complex in Oldham County is home to about 1100 felons and one unusual theatre company. It’s an all-inmate ensemble called Shakespeare Behind Bars. For sixteen years, the group has staged full productions of plays like Hamlet and Macbeth and Julius Casear. Each year, they do a series of performances, some for […]

Actors Theatre’s A Christmas Story Tells a Tale of Holidays Past

In Actors Theatre of Louisville’s new production of A Christmas Story, it’s striking how distinctly the emotions of the characters resonate, while at the same time, the world those characters inhabit feels fundamentally different from the world outside the theatre. The play is largely faithful to the original screenplay, and captures the purity and ferocity […]

Writer’s Block Festival Successful, Planning for Next Year Begins Soon

About 250 writers and book lovers attended the inaugural Writer’s Block Festival held over the weekend in Louisville. Centered in the NuLu District of East Market Street, the festival combined writing workshops with readings and panel discussions on the screenwriting, the publishing business and other subjects. Sessions with limited enrollment filled up or sold out […]

Local Festival Seeks to Give Writer’s Block a Good Name

Louisville’s visual art lovers have St. James. Theatre fans have the Humana Festival. Poet Lynnell Edwards says there are already a few events tailored to bibliophiles, but there’s always room on Louisville’s arts calendar for more. Edwards is the president of Louisville Literary Arts, a nonprofit that’s sponsoring the inaugural Writer’s Block Festival. “We want […]

Tom Sawyer, “A History of a Boy,” Comes to Actors Theatre

Tom Sawyer is one of literature’s most celebrated children; a character who has inspired adaptation for more than a century. The first U.S. film version appeared in 1907. The first Soviet Tom Sawyer film debuted in 1936. There are musical, cartoon, theme park and video game incarnations of Tom, and thousands or even millions of […]

Actors Theatre’s Dracula Fights Vampire Hunters (and Other Vampires)

Don’t be fooled by the script in Actors Theatre of Louisville’s production of Dracula; it would have you believe that Count Dracula’s enemy is the vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing. But that’s a bloody lie. Van Helsing may be the nemesis of Dracula, the character, but Dracula, the play, has a rogues gallery all its […]

Sense and Sensibility Opens at Actors Theatre of Louisville

Maybe you remember the story of Sense and Sensibility from English Lit, or your own reading, or one of its many TV and film incarnations. If not, playwright and director Jon Jory has a primer: “This is a story that pits passion against rationality.” Jory’s words appear in the program for the new Actors Theatre […]

An Interview With A Prairie Home Companion’s Sound Effects Artist Fred Newman

Sound effects artist Fred Newman is an integral part of A Prairie Home Companion. In this interview, Fred talks about his roots, including the sounds that made him want to make sounds for a living. Fred also describes his first show with Garrison Keillor and how he used his own unique mouth sounds to get […]