No Highway Lane Closures Over Holiday Weekend

Because of the holiday weekend, highway construction in the state will be put on hold so that all interstates and expressways can remain open. That includes work zones on I-65 and the Watterson Expressway. Spokesperson Andrea Clifford says the Kentucky Department of Transportation does not allow lane or ramp closures on holiday weekends due to […]

Four Indicted in Lottery Fraud Investigation

A grand jury today indicted four individuals in Louisville and Lexington on charges of lottery fraud. The indictments are part of an undercover investigation by the Kentucky Lottery Corporation. KLC personnel visited various lottery retailers and presented tickets that, when scanned at a lottery terminal, would instruct the store clerk to award a prize. KLC […]

Food Literacy Project Opens Outdoor Kitchen at Oxmoor Farm

The Food Literacy Project at Oxmoor Farm will open a new outdoor kitchen today to further the program’s experiential education for underserved children. The kitchen is on location at Oxmoor Farm so that kids can follow the food from ‘field to fork’. Project executive director Carol Gundersen says the field to fork idea is important […]

YMCA Accepts Donation of Philip Morris Property in West Louisville

The Greater Louisville YMCA has accepted a combined $1 million cash and property donation from Philip Morris USA. The company donated property at Broadway and 18th Streets where the YMCA will build a new facility in partnership with the University of Louisville. YMCA President Steve Tarver says the organization was interested in the location, but […]

Qannik Tweets Arrival…Twice

The polar bear cub Qannik arrived in a UPS Boeing 747 last night in Louisville, and the news was reported by dueling Twitter accounts.  There are two accounts currently claiming to be none other than Qannik herself.  One is @QannikthecubLZ (Official Louisville Zoo account), the other is the rogue @QannikBear account. Qannik was born in Alaska in […]

Bridges Public Hearing Draws Impatience, Complaints About Tolls

The first of two public comment hearings on the Ohio River Bridges Project was last night  in Clarksville. Curtis Morrison with Say No 2 Bridge Tolls was in attendance to criticize the process. “I have an issues with this being called a public input meeting,” Morrison said “when the governors and mayor got together and […]

Bridges Project Public Comment Hearings Today and Tomorrow

There will be public comment hearings today and tomorrow for the Ohio River Bridges Project. Earlier this month, opponents of tolls welcomed cost reducing changes to the bridges project that were proposed by the Mayor of Louisville and the governors of Kentucky and Indiana. The changes would make the project slightly smaller and cut its cost […]

Polar Bear Cub Qannik Bound for Louisville Today

The polar bear cub Qannik (KEN-ick) is heading for Louisville today.  She was rescued in April by the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage after being separated from her family, and is now being adopted by the Louisville Zoo. Louisville Zoo director John Walczak has been in Alaska with the Assistant Mammal Curator and Supervisor of Animal […]

Indiana Attorney General Responds To PPIN Lawsuit

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s office filed a brief today in response to the lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood of Indiana and the ACLU.  The lawsuit is aimed at overturning a new Indiana law that strips Medicaid funding from abortion providers. There is already a law preventing public funding from paying for abortions, but the […]

Kentucky Equality Federation Satisfied With Hazard’s Actions

The Kentucky Equality Federation has announced that they are satisfied with the actions of the City of Hazard and they will not be pursuing legal action. “Today, after having additional conversations with the City of Hazard, our legal representation, and Hazard officials, we are satisfied with the actions of the City,” said Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan […]