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Attorney General Jack Conway Requests More Information From Zappos

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway is joining nine other state attorneys general in requesting information from the online retailer Zappos regarding a recent data breach.

Last week, Zappos was hacked. Millions of customers’ names, addresses and partial credit card numbers were released.

Conway, a longtime supporter of increased cyber security, says the attorneys general are looking to better understand the details of the breach and the company’s response and followup

“Well, the over-arching goal of requesting the information is to make certain that the law enforcement agencies in their respective states have asked Zappos to fully delineate and explain what was breached,” he says. “I’m glad Zappos is here. I want them to stay here, I want them to continue to be a good corporate citizen. It’s just when the personal information of their customers is compromised inappropriately, we need to step forward and understand exactly what happened on behalf of those customers who reside in our respective states.”

The breach affected more than 24 million customers.

Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen sent a letter to the CEO of Zappos asking that the information be provided by Friday.

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University of Louisville to host Farm to Campus Conference on Friday

Educators curious about ways to bring local food to their campuses will have an opportunity to ask questions and brainstorm with others at a conference tomorrow.

The Farm to Campus Conference is a collaboration between the University of Louisville, Metro Government’s Farm to Table initiative, and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. It aims to bring together educators and vendors of local food with universities who want to localize their food offerings. Farm to Table spokeswoman Sarah Fritschner says the goal of the conference is to get people talking about local food on college campuses.

“We don’t think that we’re going to have 138 people walk out of U of L going, ‘everything is different now,’” she said. “But we hope that this starts the conversation about bringing local food onto their campuses.”


Newburg Boys and Girls Club Reopens Under New Leadership

After a two month fundraising campaign, the Newburg Boys and Girls Club will reopen this afternoon.

The Salvation Army closed three clubs, Newburg included, last year due to a lack of funds. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Kentuckiana organization then began a $500,000 fundraising campaign to re-open the Newburg club. Both corporations and individuals contributed to the campaign, which was capped with a $100,000 gift from Humana.

The two other former Salvation Army Boys and Girls Clubs in Portland and Parkland remain closed. But Kentuckiana spokeswoman Jennifer Helgeson says the organization is raising money to reopen them.

“We have been fundraising this entire time. We are continuing to reach out to the community and foundations and different partners,” she says. “Very, very excited in the success we’ve had, but it is the beginning.”

The organization is still offering shuttle service from the Parkland and Portland clubs. The Newburg club is accepting new members and the membership fee will be waived through the end of the month.

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AAA’s Tipsy Tow Service Not Available in Louisville

AAA’s “Tipsy Tow” program will not be available in Louisville on New Year’s Eve. The program provides a free tow home for inebriated drivers and their vehicles and is open to anyone, regardless of AAA membership.

The program has received heavy attention this year, especially on social media sites. But there aren’t enough available tow trucks in Louisville for AAA to offer the service.

“We’re a little bit different than some of the AAA’s around the country that are participating in that we never know when bad weather is going to hit. So, it’s difficult for us to set aside a number of wreckers because our primary thing is to take care of members that are stranded and in need of emergency road service,” says AAA spokesman Roger Boyd.

Although Tipsy Tow will not be available, AAA is prepared with a list of phone numbers for taxis in the city in case anyone calls hoping to use the program.

“With today’s social networking, obviously the clubs that are participating-people spread that message out. So, we have had people who call in, interested in the program and I think the good sign about that is that means there’s a lot of responsible motorists out there who definitely want to be proactive when it comes to not getting behind the wheel, drinking and driving.” says Boyd.