Fischer Rallies In Support of Road Budget, Though Passage Is Likely

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer is rallying in Frankfort this afternoon to urge state lawmakers to pass a transportation budget. However, the General Assembly made a deal yesterday to pass the legislation.

The rally will center around the Ohio River Bridges Project, which is partially funded in the state spending plan.

“We are very close,” says Mayor’s spokesman Chris Poynter. “We might have a sign off this week on the final environmental impact statement. So everything for this project is finally ready to begin.”

There are other Louisville projects the budget covers as well.

“Including NuLu and East Market, a five million dollar earmark to redo the entire East Market area,” says Poynter. “Also, Crittenden Drive and Dixie Highway. We have a lot at stake in this transportation plan.”

The transportation budget was in jeopardy this week when Senate President David Williams vowed not to act on it until Governor Beshear signed or vetoed an unfunded road plan that passed earlier. Beshear made his move yesterday, and Williams promised the budget would go before the Senate this week.