Public Comment Period Open on Brownsboro Road Diet

Metro Government is looking for feedback on the Brownsboro Road Diet project. The public now has 30 days to submit comments.

The project proposes a modification of a 0.4 mile stretch of Brownsboro Road in the Clifton neighborhood. It will reduce parts of the corridor from four lanes to three, and build a sidewalk.

Metro Public Works spokeswoman Lindsay English says the project’s goal is public safety.

“The mayor has said it will enhance safety for not only those who are driving that corridor, but also for many people who use it for pedestrian access. And that includes a lot of visually-impaired citizens in that area, and that is the goal of the project,” she said.

The Brownsboro Road Diet is supported by many environmental advocates and Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh, who say it will make the stretch more accessible for pedestrians. But opponents of the plan, including a newly-formed group called “,” say it will hurt local business owners and cause congestion.

Comments may be emailed to:

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Brownsboro Road Diet Comments

c/o Metro Public Works

444. S. 5th Street Suite 400

Louisville, KY 40202