Beshear and Abramson Discuss ‘Dream Game’ on ESPN

Appearing on ESPN’s Sportscenter, Governor Steve Beshear and Lt. Governor Jerry Abramson discussed the upcoming game between the Louisville Cardinals and Kentucky Wildcats in the Final Four of the NCAA tournament.

The excitement over the archrivals playing for a spot in the championship game spilled over into the political arena earlier this week when Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and Lexington Mayor Jim Gray made a friendly wager over Saturday’s outcome.

Basketball craze has engulfed the commonwealth as the two teams get closer to “Basketball Armageddon”, but Beshear and Abramson—who is the former mayor of Louisville—chose to tout their teamwork despite being on opposite sides of the rivalry.

“Jerry and I are living proof that Louisville and UK can work together,” Beshear said.

Check it out:

UPDATE: The two have also cut a radio ad promoting the fact Kentucky is the only state with two teams in the NCAA Final Four.