MSD Adopts New Ethics Policy for All Employees

All employees of Louisville’s Metropolitan Sewer District are now under a new ethics policy, after the board adopted a measure today that covers all staff members.

After a scathing state audit released in December, the MSD board members quickly acted to set ethics standards for themselves and the agency’s executive staff. Now, there’s also a policy for the rest of MSD’s employees.

The policy sets standards to prevent perceived conflicts of interest, nepotism and gifts from companies or people with which MSD does business.

“The biggest change that I note is incorporation of the whistleblower policy which was also addressed by the audit committee,” board vice-chair James Craig said. “So it is spelled out here how an individual, where that individual employee will go to if they feel like they need to make a complaint.”

Also at the meeting, board members approved the creation of a new 24-hour ethics hotline and website for employees to submit complaints anonymously to a third party.