Four Kentucky Organizations and Companies Win Energy Star Awards

Of the 41 entities named “Energy Star Partners of the Year” by the federal government, four are from Kentucky.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky, the Kentucky Housing Corporation, Louisville Gas and Electric and the U of L’s Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center were all honored this year for energy savings.

This is the second consecutive year that the KPPC, at the Speed School of Engineering, has won the award. The center helps businesses, organizations and industries save money by improving energy efficiency.

KPPC Executive Director Cam Metcalf says behavior change is one key way to save energy.

“You know, there’s ways to reduce energy by buying technology, certainly LED lights and school exit signs and geothermal HVAC systems,” he said. “But I think what we’re learning here is that behavioral change is a very important component to this.”

Metcalf says changing energy-wasting behaviors is much more sustainable than simply upgrading technology.