Neighborhood Schools Bill Passes Kentucky Senate Committee

The Kentucky Senate Education Committee has approved a bill, SB 9, this week that would allow students to attend the school nearest their homes, but a similar bill has twice cleared the Senate before only to die in the House.

The Jefferson County Public Schools’ assignment plan transports thousands of students around the district to meet diversity goals. This year, the JCPS board approved changes to the plan that will allow around 1,700 fewer students to be transported longer distances around the county. But, ┬áRepublican Sen. Dan Seum of Louisville continues to sponsor the measures┬áthat have consistently strong support in the Senate, only to fail in the House.

Seum argues that transportation costs for more than 900 buses in JCPS are too high, and said students should be allowed to attend schools in their neighborhoods.

The Kentucky Supreme Court will hear arguments in a dispute over whether state law allows students to attend the school nearest their home in April.