Anti-Smoking Groups Urging ‘No” Vote On Proposed Indiana Smoking Ban

From the Associated Press:

Sponsors of the Indiana smoking ban bill scrambled today to line up support among legislators for their proposal even as health advocates began lobbying against it because the compromise version doesn’t cover bars and taverns.

The Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air and the American Cancer Society argue the exemption for bars makes the proposal too weak and urged lawmakers to reject it.

House and Senate negotiators prepared a draft compromise on the smoking ban that exempts bars in hopes of finding enough support for it to be approved before this week’s planned adjournment of the legislative session.

The House approved a ban on smoking in most public places that gave an 18-month exemption to bars, while the Senate passed a watered-down version last week that gave bars a complete exemption.

Republican Senate President Pro Tem David Long has said the exemption for bars was necessary to get support from lawmakers.