New Chief of Communications, Diversity Rescinds Offer by JCPS

Jefferson County Public Schools’s recently hired Chief of Diversity, Community Relations and Communications has rescinded her acceptance by Superintendent Donna Hargens.

In a letter sent to Hargens, Jamilah Fraser does not give reason for her not accepting the position but says “I wish the best for this community.”

In a statement from JCPS, Hargens said:

“I was confident in my decision to select Fraser for the position. She was a solid candidate that would have served this district well. It’s unfortunate she has turned down the post. I wish her the best.”

Questions about Fraser were raised this week after it was learned that she was the communications officer under a controversial administration in the School District of Philadelphia.  Superintendent Arlene Ackerman often butt heads with teacher’s unions and parents and was leading the district during a cheating scandal.

Hargens said the following in the release:

“Despite these facts, it has been implied that Fraser was involved in some controversial situations in her previous position as Chief Communications Officer for the School District of Philadelphia. During our prior due diligence in looking into her background, we found nothing in our review to diminish our confidence in her ability to serve this district. Fraser was forthcoming and transparent in all matters on multiple occasions.”