Megabus Extends Midwest Service to Louisville, Nashville

The low-cost bus service is coming back to Louisville after taking a hiatus in 2008.

Beginning mid-March, the company will run routes between Louisville, Nashville, Chicago and Indianapolis. The price to ride begins at $1 if booked early enough, but typical prices range from $5 to around $30, said Bryony Chamberlain, director for

The company has decided to reinstate its service because it can now afford to develop its passenger base in less-popular cities like Nashville and Louisville, she said.

“They’re not going to be one of our biggest cities, but by adding them together we get enough of a footprint and enough passengers wishing to travel with us to make the route worth while. So it was the combination of the two cities together that led us to bring this service on,” Chamberlain said.

While may not have a strong customer-base at the start, it now has better financial control than in 2008, she said.

“Last time we were on a much stricter financial control. This time we’ll sustain the loses for a longer time until we have enough of a business there,”  Chamberlain said.

The bus boards next to MetroSafe on Liberty Street near Fifth Street. The ride offers free wireless internet and restroom services.