Indiana Smoking Ban Proposal Awaiting Senate Hearing

A proposed statewide smoking ban is now in the hands of the Indiana Senate, where a committee hearing is expected soon.

The House-passed measure would prohibit smoking in most public spaces, with exemptions for casinos and retail tobacco stores. Bars and taverns would have 18 months to go smoke free.

The bill in its current form has the backing of the Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air.

“Most of us would love to see a ban or a comprehensive law that covers every worker, but we know that that’s politically a longshot, so we’ve tried to come up with a sweet spot—we thought that this bill reaches that. So we supported it from the day it was authored,” said group spokesman Tim Harms.

The House has passed a smoking ban bill six times, but the measure has never made it past the committee level in the Senate. Harms says his group could drop its support if more exemptions are added to the current bill.