JCPS Elementary Showcase Set for Saturday

Parents wishing to find more information about what schools are available to their student may attend Jefferson County Public Schools’ elementary showcase this Saturday, which will be held at the International Convention Center.

This is the first year the elementary schools are being presented separate from middle and high schools. The showcase was delayed while JCPS considered and later made changes to the student assignment plan.

Bernadette Hamilton has helped organize the showcase for the past 20 years. She said parents who are still unclear about which schools their child can attend can find out this Saturday.

“They will be able to answer questions if they have questions about, I’m in cluster 1, I want to go to such and such a school in cluster 1, will I still be able to get there? And the answer is probably yes,” said Hamilton.

Parents attending the showcase will have no problem finding the student assignment booth, which will be covered by Kathy McGinnis, director of elementary student assignment, she said.

“Step through the door and walk maybe 300 paces and she will be there and it says ‘elementary school student assignment’ and right next to her will be the demographic booth. So if you give them the address they’ll tell you what your school is and your cluster,” said Hamilton.

Nearly 10,000 middle and high school parents attended the showcase last month, which matched last year’s total, she said. Attendance this Saturday could be a gauge of how satisfied parents are with their choices, said Hamilton.

Parents may also access the “school finder” feature on the JCPS website.

The district will also offer parent information sessions that will help parents understand their school and program options. All sessions will begin at 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

Monday, January 30
* JCPS Gheens Academy, 4425 Preston Highway
* Lincoln Elementary Performing Arts School, 930 East Main Street
* St. Stephen Family Life Center, Multipurpose Room 2, 1018 South 15th Street

Tuesday, January 31
* Middletown Methodist Church, 11902 Shelbyville Road
* Sanders Elementary, 8408 Terry Road
* Hill Street Baptist Church, 2203 Dixie Highway

Wednesday, February 1
* Jeffersontown High, 9600 Old Six Mile Lane
* Okolona Elementary, 7606 Preston Highway
* Carter Elementary, 3600 Bohne Avenue

Thursday, February 2
* Roosevelt-Perry Elementary, 1606 Magazine Street—Enter the parking lot from
Broadway near 16th Street.
* Kentucky Center for African American Heritage, 1701 West Muhammad Ali
* Newburg Middle School, 4901 Exeter Avenue

Tuesday, February 7
* Dawson Orman Education Center, Room 148, 900 South Floyd Street, 9 a.m.
* Gheens Academy, 4425 Preston Highway—This session is for international
families. Translators will be available.

Thursday, February 9
* DuValle Education Center, Room 125, 3610 Bohne Avenue, 9 a.m.
For more information, call the JCPS Parent Assistance Center at 485-6250.