JCPS Parents, Organizations Support Student Assignment Plan

A brief has been filed with the Kentucky Supreme Court in support of Jefferson County Public Schools’ student assignment plan.

“We want the Supreme Court to know it’s not the board of education versus everybody else. We want them to know that there are legitimate groups and parents that agree with the board of education,” said group attorney Steve Porter.

The State Court of Appeals ruled last fall that students have the right to attend the school where they enroll, which in JCPS is a student’s neighborhood school. This is contrary to the district’s current student assignment plan, which has recently undergone slight changes. JCPS has since appealed to the State Supreme Court and final briefs are due Jan. 17, said Porter.

The Amici Curiae brief that was filed involved a group of JCPS parents, the Jefferson County Teacher’s Association and the League of Women Voters.

“If anybody knows the need for a diversity plan and a student assignment plan the teachers who are there all day every day certainly know that. And the League of Women Voters has for decades studied education in the local system and they have com out very strongly come out for diversity in the schools,” Porter said.

The Kentucky Supreme Court has scheduled to hear the case in April, when both sides will have 15 minutes to argue their case. The briefs do not allow additional arguments to be heard.