Indiana House Democrats Again Delay Action On “Right-to-Work” Bill

Democrats in the Indiana House are again delaying a action on a controversial “right-to-work” measure pushed by the Republican majority.

The House was supposed to consider Democratic amendments to the bill today, including a proposal to allow voters to decide if the state should adopt the policy related to the collection of union dues.

But the chamber’s Democratic Leader, Patrick Bauer, said late today it’s taking longer than expected to research the constitutionality of a referendum, a question he says was raised by Republicans.

“We need time on this one bill to at least have a fair constitutional chance to give the people a voice,” Bauer said on the House floor.

Republican Speaker Brian Bosma said the Democratic amendments would be taken up first thing at 9:00am tomorrow.

The right to work measure would prohibit unions at private companies from collecting mandatory representation fees.

The issue has sparked union demonstrations at the Statehouse and boycotts by House Democrats.