Nothing But Net: Can Cards’ Freefall Be Fixed?

Looking sharp and feeling dull?

The last two days’ worth of discussions on the state of Rick Pitino’s Cardinals has centered around what’s wrong, how low can they go and can the slide be stopped? Nor does talk of the slump seems like an over-reaction; 1-4 in the last five games is cause for alarm. 1-3 in the Big East is a hard hole to climb out of, too. C.L. Brown, Rick Bozich (both with the erstwhile C-J), Mike Rutherford of CardChronicle and NBN’s contributing pundit, c d kaplan have all penned insightful columns asking the right questions about the red bird nosedive. Is the NIT the best we can hope for in the post-season? Is there a “cancer” on the team, as some suggest? And where does responsibility lie?

We’ll also push away from the Card Criticism Buffet and look at the third team in the Division One community who might be be one win away from punching their ticket to the Final Four. Please join Matt and Mark in this edition of Nothing But Net, while watching the snow float by your window; we have the insights and the beat.

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