Fischer Responds to KREF Complaint

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer is seeking the dismissal of a complaint filed against him with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance.

Activist and candidate for Metro Council Curtis Morrison filed the complaint. He says the fact that Fischer continues to solicit donations to pay down his personal campaign debt while still in office is improper. Further, his complaint also covers accusations that Fischer’s campaign pulled a bait and switch with donors by asking them to give to the mayoral inauguration and rerouting the money to pay campaign debt.

In a response to the complaint, attorney Jennifer Moore says any checks used to pay campaign debt were clearly made to the campaign, not the inauguration. However, two Louisville businessmen say they were told to make their inauguration checks to the campaign.

The response does acknowledge the accuracy of one of Morrison’s complaints. Fischer’s business, Iceberg Ventures, registered political websites and the work was not listed as a campaign contribution. The response says that was an oversight and records will be corrected.

KREF has not scheduled a hearing on the issue.