Newburg Boys and Girls Club Reopens Under New Leadership

After a two month fundraising campaign, the Newburg Boys and Girls Club will reopen this afternoon.

The Salvation Army closed three clubs, Newburg included, last year due to a lack of funds. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Kentuckiana organization then began a $500,000 fundraising campaign to re-open the Newburg club. Both corporations and individuals contributed to the campaign, which was capped with a $100,000 gift from Humana.

The two other former Salvation Army Boys and Girls Clubs in Portland and Parkland remain closed. But Kentuckiana spokeswoman Jennifer Helgeson says the organization is raising money to reopen them.

“We have been fundraising this entire time. We are continuing to reach out to the community and foundations and different partners,” she says. “Very, very excited in the success we’ve had, but it is the beginning.”

The organization is still offering shuttle service from the Parkland and Portland clubs. The Newburg club is accepting new members and the membership fee will be waived through the end of the month.