MSD Continues Scrutiny of Ethics Policies, in Wake of State Audit

The Metropolitan Sewer District board is continuing work on a new ethics policy for MSD.

The report released last month by state auditor Crit Luallan revealed several ethical problems with MSD, and recommended the board implement a stronger ethics policy that applies not only to the board, but to top MSD staff. Some work was done drafting a new policy months ago, and the MSD policy committee discussed it further.

The committee is studying the ethics policies of other agencies, like TARC and the Louisville Water Company, as well as Metro Government. Board member Yvonne Wells-Hatfield suggested two areas that should be addressed.

“There are no term limits on this board, and there needs to be,” she said. “To come on a board and sit for 10, 15 years, is not good policy for MSD or for the community.”

The board members are appointed by the mayor.

Wells-Hatfield also says she wants to see a provision that would prohibit board members from contracting with MSD for work immediately after leaving the board.