Civil War Exhibit Opens At Filson Historical Society

Louisville’s Filson Historical Society has opened a new exhibit focusing on the Civil War as it played out in Kentucky and the Ohio Valley region.

It’s called “United We Stand—Divided We Fall.” Filson Curator of Special Collections Jim Holmberg says interest is running high as the country marks the Civil War’s 150th anniversary.

“You have history before the war, of course the war itself, and then you have the United States after war. So it’s a real watershed moment, and it deserves the study and the writing and attention that it’s getting,” he said.

The Filson has been collecting Civil War artifacts for more than a century. The new exhibit includes flags, weapons and clothing, plus photos and letters describing life during the era.

The Filson exhibit is free and open to the public. Another Civil War exhibit, “My Brother, My Enemy,” opened in October at the Frazier History Museum and continues through early April.