Occupy Demonstrators Address Metro Council

Several Occupy Louisville demonstrators attended Thursday night’s Metro Council meeting and addressed the council on a different issues affecting area residents.

Demonstrators got up one after the other and tackled issues that have previously been discussed in Occupy Louisville general assembly meetings. Some spoke of the school district’s student assignment plan, others of pollution near Cane Run Road.

Most criticized injustices and asked that council members take action to protect the 99 percent who own a minority of the nation’s wealth.

But demonstrator Pam Newman showed the council that government can work for the people. Newman said discretionary funding, which has reached a level of criticism for lacking transparency, can be used for good.

“David James’ very effective police blitz in Old Louisville earlier this year took only a small chunk of that thirty-grand and helped pay for police overtime in Old Louisville. Crime in that neighborhood has since gone down since the blitz was implemented,” Newman said.

Demonstrators asked that council members consider their requests. No actions on the issues were taken at Thursday’s meeting.