UPDATE: Bomb Squad Called to Mayor’s Office

The Louisville Metro Police bomb squad has been called to investigate a suspicious package outside the mayor’s office.

The package was found Friday morning and is located behind Metro Hall. Investigators have shut down all vehicle and foot traffic around the building and are keeping all personnel inside.

Police spokesman Dwight Mitchell says suspicious items are reported in downtown Louisville from “time to time”, but investigators are taking the situation seriously.

“We are always going to approach things with cautiousness and want to err on the side of caution. We simply don’t know until we evaluate it,” he says.

A spokesman for Mayor Greg Fischer says he is attending a U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting at Harvard University.


After being on lock down for an hour and a half, Metro Hall has been declared all-clear by police and streets have been reopened. The bomb squad robot emptied the suspicious package’s contents and found computer parts inside.

“Everything is fine now and operations are back to normal,” says Fischer spokesman Chris Poynter. “There’s always some concern when you hear they’re calling out bomb squad, but our police are great and were quickly out on the job.”

If the mayor were inside his office during the investigation of the package, Poynter says he would have been evacuated by his security detail to a safer location if needed.