Ford Escape at the LA Auto Show

Friday on State of the News we called Courier-Journal reporter Jere Downs, who was in Los Angeles at the LA Auto Show. She and WFPL reporter Devin Katayama discussed the unveiling of the 2013 Ford Escape, which will be built in Louisville. This year Ford has sold over 200,000 Escapes. Those numbers may give Louisville reason to be optimistic since nearly 1,800 jobs depend on how the new model sells.

The Escape boasts a mileage rating of approximately 30mpg, with a sticker price of roughly $20,000 or less, and Downs believes this will bring it success at dealerships when compared to its competitors. She was also impressed by the attention to detail on the interior, a marked change from the models of prior years.  Sales figures will directly determine employment needs in Louisville.

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