Higher Turnout Expected for Jefferson County Compared to State

The Jefferson County Clerk’s Office is projecting a higher voter turnout in Louisville than in the rest of the state on Election Day.

Earlier this month, the Kentucky Secretary of State Elaine Walker said just over a fourth of registered voters are expected to cast ballots. With a blowout expected in the governor’s race, interest in this year’s election is expected to be lower than usual, but local officials estimate turnout will be seven or eight percent higher in the commonwealth’s most populous county.

Jefferson County Clerk spokesman Nore Ghibaudy says that is due in part to the candidates seeking office.

“Jefferson County has a little over a half million voters. I do think many of them will still get out and they will exercise those rights to vote. Of course, we do have some candidates on the ballot who are from Jefferson County and I think that will definitely get additional people out to vote,” he says.

The ballot will feature former Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson, who is running with Democratic Governor Steve Beshear, Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway and Democratic agriculture commissioner candidate Bob Farmer, who are all from the county.

Ghibaudy says Jefferson County turnout for statewide races are typically near 40 percent, but there are no other races or initiatives on this year’s ballot

“Historically, when we’ve had a gubernatorial race on the ballot it’s usually been in the 40s and there’s also been other things on the ballot at the same time. The ballots are very short for Jefferson County, there are some small cities involved as well, but it’s statewide offices overall,” he says.